For the Contact Centre and Voice Teams

A real time view of your customers' experience.

Traditional voice remains the primary contact point between a brand and its customers, yet many companies remain largely in the dark about their success in consistently and efficiently enabling voice services.

Whitehook addresses this gap through identifying the customer journeys in which business's need to excel and then deliver automated, virtual customer interactions into these contact points. The output is real time visibility of how they are performing with context to assure issues are quickly resolved.


of organisations view customer experience as a competitive differentiator


of customers are still handled through traditional voice & IVR channels


of organisations seldom or never review their IVR


are in the dark about customer feedback on these services

Whitehook at a glance:

One virtual customer - multiple service capabilities.


Our scalable, virtual customer that engages traditional voice and IVR services providing you with an outside-in view of how you, or your outsourcer, is performing.


Providing automated, independent and verifiable evidence of the performance of your voice recording systems.


Helping financial enterprises navigate safely through compliance penetration testing and gain insight into the security of their voice infrastructure.

Designed for companies of all shapes and sizes

Flexible, cloud based services with demonstrable ROI.

  • Cost effective, easy to acquire with no capital expenditure.
  • Technology agnostic.
  • Deployment simplicity – rapid service delivery within 5 working days.
  • Detailed analysis, monthly reporting & proactive alerting of issues.
  • Access to expertise to drive innovation and agility.

Whitehook's Virtual Customer: Sonar Service Elements

Costs and time saved. Customer experience optimised.

ECHO: Enterprise voice 'lights on'

Automated, calling of a business's traditional telephony services focusing on both service availability and quality.

PROBE: IVR assurance

Automated, on-demand customer experience testing of the critical paths within your interactive voice response systems.


Hassle free service set up - from briefing call through to deployment all done by Whitehook within a week. Annual telco charges – the calls the virtual customer makes , support and change control is all inclusive.

Whitehook's Virtual Customer In Action

Global Bank - 1st Month - 1:12 calls experience an issue.

Providing validation that the banks telephony platform, from the IVR through to enterprise call routing, provides the correct treatments and satisfactory customer experience as per design.

3,950 virtual customer calls...

Key issues detected:

  • Dead air on connection
  • IVR service non-availability
  • Call drops & IVR hang ups
  • Calls stuck in queue
  • IVR response time issues
  • Welcome prompt response time delays
  • Unexpected IVR prompt volumes
of which, 476 had issue.

"The solution provides us with the actual customer experience and visibility of when incidents occur as opposed to when incidents are reported. We had no idea of the scale of the issues being faced. The reporting, call recordings and proactive alerting of issues allow for immediate trouble shooting and problem resolution."

Head, Contact Centre & GVO Operations

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